Lamenting the Kucinich exit, fearing for Ron Paul

Editorial:The Fears of a Satire Writer

(ACPA-Washington DC) Satire writers worldwide today lamented the untimely departure of Representative Dennis Kucinich from the Presidential race. The tiny man, whose encounter with a UFO at Shirley McClaine's home had led him to support illegal aliens , was a soft target for satirists who enjoyed dishing out stories about him for several months.

Bush Bush Bush Blah Blah Blah

Oops!Public Domain photo from DOD One truth is emerging though: we must have a new President soon or writers will go demented. Frankly, one can continue to come up fresh stories to satirize Bush, while in the middle of a screaming hemorrhoid, so rich are the opportunities to make fun of the clown-in-chief. However, it just feels unsatisfying (Bush satire that is,) given the sheer volume of "Bush is a moron" stories out there.

Some US based Satirists are trying to come together to push a constitutional referendum to forbid second terms for overly satirized Presidents to ensure that spoof news sites always have fresh material.

The Clinton/Obama Problem

Hilary overcome with joy at winning straw pole 	The prospect of a Clinton or Obama Presidency is also raising concerns amongst writers. The problem is that one of the pair is a woman and the other is black, making it easy to fall into lazy sexist and racist humor. It is a potential disaster for writers if either of these two gets elected.

Fears For Ron Paul

To further compound the anxiety, fears are growing that Ron Paul is going to pull out of the race. The fiery straight talking wee Texan has been a rich source of mirth for several months and several satirists are reported to be having anxiety attacks over the potential loss of this great source of material.

The Broader Sorrow

A Guiliani Win could benefit Satirists But Satirists are not the only pundits concerned about the loss of Paul or Kucinich. Those who wanted to end the war in Iraq, provide health care to the poor and see fresh investment in American education and jobs are also said to be deeply worried about another corporate president being elected. Looks like it will be four more years of the same politics with fewer opportunities for mirth.

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