Reports of Woman stalking Ron Paul

For immediate release:Who is Rude Julie

(ACPA-Pensacola) A diminutive women with very bad manners is reported to be continuously harassing Ron Paul as he campaigns nationwide for the Presidential nomination. Rude Julie Annie, size 9-11 of New York, interrupts Ron Paul, the candidate famous for having no last name, as he tries to lay out the facts about why the US was attacked on September 2001.

Not your typical Republican, pity about the war mongering political views Whenever Paul references CIA and FBI statements that the US was attacked because of the continuous US military presence in the Mid East, Julie throws a fit and manically screams her conspiracy theory that the attacks were because of hatred of the US way of life.

Not much is known about Julie but she may have received a head-injury in the 2001 attacks before moving to permanent residence in Florida. However she is rumored to have political ambitions - including the Republican Primary-and all the presidential candidates are expressing trepidation about what might face them when they go campaigning down there.

A Woman President?

There is precedent for bizarre women doing well in the Republican Party in Florida. Katherine Harris, the one time Florida Secretary of State who helped hand the Presidency to George W Bush, was subsequently elected to the US House of Representatives before crashing and burning in a controversial campaign for the US Senate last year.

Were Julie to contest Florida and win, there is a good chance she could secure the Republican nomination. This could lead to a Julie-Hillary match up, which must ultimately lead to the first woman President of the US....right?

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