US Economic Resuce Plan

For immediate release:1960's Economic Plan Revived

(ACPA-St Paul) Ron Paul has proposed a unique budget plan to rescue the US economy. However his idea has predictably being attacked as yet "another far out idea" by the establishment from both parties.

Goodbye Dollars, Hello Bloodshed Paul's plan has become known as the "let's get the hell out of Iraq and spend the billions in the US instead" plan. The Plan has a fairly simple central theme which senior economists have summarized as being strikingly similar to the "let's get the hell out of Vietnam and spend the billions in the US instead" plan that was unsuccessfully floated in the 1960's.

In rejecting the Paul Plan, the other Republican and Democrat candidates all offered alternative plans which are rather complicated to explain but can be basically be described as a "Let's give the taxpayers a few dollars to spend in "The Home Depot" buying Chinese made goods" plan. The amount of money varies by candidate but either way the Chinese are pretty happy about it.

The voting public, who are showing a keen interest in continuing the plunder of the US treasury for the war by supporting candidates such as McCain and Clinton, all fell for the Bush tax cuts story early on in his first term, and will most likely fall for the same farce again irrespective of the candidate who makes the proposal.

All those plans are supported by the grass roots human rights group "Billionaires for Bush".

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