President Bush continues his Mid-East Piece Push

For immediate release: Piece Deal within 12 months!

(ACPA-Tel Aviv) President Bush continues his eight day tour of the Middle East in a last ditch effort to secure a lasting piece in the Middle East before his terms expires.

Soon Boys Soon photo by Eric Draper During initial talks with the Palestinian and Israeli leadership he learned that the Israelis are ready to leave the West Bank. Bush told reporters that the "Israelis have changed their view because of pressure from my administration" and he hopes their exit from the disputed territories will allow him to "secure a lasting piece in the region".

Genuine Piece Commitment

He continued "Since the Iraq liberation I have heard that many people have doubted the sincerity of my commitment to the piece process. I hope my visit here puts an end to these doubts. I want a lasting piece here as much as anyone else".

When asked about the possibility of a Palestinian state, he stated that he believed there was sufficient land to "secure a piece for everyone".

Bush has moved on to the Gulf Countries where he hopes to sell billions of dollars of arms to countries that are awash in the oil-dollars of American consumers. "It's important that we understand the weapons that our future enemies will use against us" he concluded.

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