breaking news: White couple accidentally visit Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta

King Family Sues Over Martin Luther King Fried Chicken Image

For Immediate Release: I have a Giblet

(ACPA-Atlanta) Black woman Latisha leBron became the talk of South Atlanta following her recent discovery of an image of Martin Luther King Jr. in a piece of southern fried chicken. "Yeah baby, it was a shock, I was about to bite down when there he was, right in front of me," she explained to reporters from the Atlanta Journal Constitution while proudly displaying the tasty relic. "'My oh my' was all I could say," she explained adding that she was "going to sell my cute little Martin on eBay and get some money for my daughter's birthday."

Martin with a turkey publicdomain taken by US govt. employee photo on wikipedia, Unfortunately for Latisha, a 34 year old mother of three, it looks like her plans are not to be. During a break from their multiple lawsuits against each other, the squabbling children of the slain civil rights leader heard news about the piece of chicken. As zealous guardians of his legacy, they are now demanding a share of any royalty that she earns.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr, King's nephew and head of the non-profit King Center in Atlanta, said that "between those unapproved Obama/King T-shirts and now this fried chicken, we have to clamp down," noting that "Martin would respect our desire to keep him trademarked."

"Some of this selling is probably putting food on people's plates or, as in this case, it actually is the food on their plates," continued MLK's nephew, adding, "We're not trying to stop anybody from legitimately supporting themselves but we cannot allow our brand to be abused, especially by an unapproved chicken supplier."

According to Associated Press, this concern over street vendor T-shirts and fried chicken is nothing new. In an interview with Philippa Loengard, assistant director of the Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts at Columbia University, she noted that King Inc "are probably one of the most careful, concerned, and on-top-of-it groups of image protectors I've ever met."

Meanwhile, King's image, known locally as "Chicken-Georgia," remains stored in a deep-freezer in Fulton County Police HQ pending the outcome of appeals. Despite the setback, an upbeat Latisha is staying strong and hopes that she will be able to "sell it on the Internet or to a corporation like KFC for their Chicken-Museum once the legal fuss is over."

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