Gingrich's Messiah Complex

                            by Robert S. Becker

                             Should old acquaintance be forgot,
                             And never brought to mind?
                             Should this self-adoring crackpot,
                             Not by satire be enshrined?

                             We've fallen hard, to grisly bottom,
                             Underneath Perry, Bachmann, Cain -
                             Halfwit hayseeds spewing hokum -
                             Now worse - a cynical pimp urbane.

                             Yes, next to Romney, stilted, wary,
                             Newt's a churning "idea machine;"
                             Playing bombastic clown contrary,
                             He taints "debate" with gab obscene.

                             Newt dismisses his crimes in arrears,
                             Touts the "historian," Tiffany-rich;
                             Yet reprisal for his career of smears
                             Explodes as victims openly snitch.

                             Newt dumped both used-up wives,
                             Twin "family values" disgrace;
                             Yet full absolution he contrives,
                             Self-pardoned by self-anointed grace.

                             Driving this facile self-deception
                             Conversion to the Roman church:
                             What better feeds self-genuflection
                             Than "St. Newt," risen, un-besmirched?

                             In his mind a legend, past and present,
                             Wielding God's infallible sword,
                             Newt's hubris locks on transcendence
                             Just install his throne near the Lord.

                             Join his holier-than-thou campaign,
                             The sinner with self-expiated sin,
                             Redemption past the material plane,
                             In case Jesus needs a stand-in twin.

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