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Death of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez will likely delay his inauguration

(ACPA-Caracas, VZ) It used to be that Venezuelans were famous for having a big waterfall, drinking more Scotch than anyone else and carjacking each other. But now they are doing their best to add 'dead president for leader' to their list of achievements. But it's not going to be as easy as they hoped because it appears the recent death of Hugo Chavez is going to delay his inauguration to a third term.

Chavez was initially due to be sworn in Tuesday, but a government spokesman said that the "event had to be postponed to allow him more time to recover from being dead." A new date for his big day has not yet been set.

 Photo by Paulo Capiotti found on Wikipedia Chavez initially rode to presidential success on a promise to replace a corrupt government that favored the rich with one that favors the poor. He succeeded. He also gave away a lot of free fridges, leveraged the blessings of oil to reduce the national economy to a Caribbean shambles and has a hit TV show every Sunday evening.

He is quite the guy really and his ability to rule post mortem is unquestioned among the party faithful. Despite some legal awkwardness, the national constitution will soon be adjusted to fully cover the recent change in his health to inanimate existence.

Currently enjoying an extended stay in Cuba, Chavez is receiving post-death leadership tips from Fidel Castro, who died 5 years ago. Rumors abound that the South American president is going to try and mend fences with the United States so that he can visit that other great dead leader, former-VP Dick Cheney.

One way or the other, the swearing in of Hugo Chavez - and indeed the swearing at Hugo Chavez - will be a big story for weeks to come.

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