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White couple accidentally visit Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta

(ACPA-Atlanta, GA) Thanks to poor luck and a bad sense of direction, Josh and Rayann Hoke of Dahlonega, Georgia became the first white people since 1997 to visit the Martin Luther King national historic site in Atlanta.

Built to memorialize the famous local who proved that peaceful methods work provided you are willing to wait four hundred years, the MLK museum is located in the Auburn district of Atlanta, an area that hasn't seen an influx of white people since the thousands who visited for the race riots of September 1906.

Although not strictly a "Blacks-only" monument, many white people just don't understand the point of it all. One man who has not visited the site several times noted that with "all that stuff behind us now, why do we need a museum about it? It's like black history month, do we really need it? We don't have a white history month do we?"

Got MLK?

 Photo by Simon J Kurtz, public domain on Wikipedia

"He's has a point," said John Howard the last white person to visit the MLK museum while on a date with a hot out of state college student he met at a party. "Yeah she was into Amnesty International and all that stuff so I suggested we should go see the MLK museum and all, thinking that would improve my prospects. But it didn't, because first of all I took her to the coke museum instead hoping she wouldn't mind because coke is black and also from Atlanta but instead she just called me a stupid cracker and ditched me."*

Meanwhile, speaking from his temporary residence at the emergency ward of Grady Memorial hospital, Mr. Hoke, a salesperson at a North Georgia hardware store shared his story: "Yeah we took the wrong exit of I-85, so instead of Turner field we were driving around all these little streets getting more lost each minute. Next thing we saw a big outdoor swimming pool and Rayann thought we should stop and take a dip, it been hot an' all."

"Well, I was getting ready to jump off the diving board thing when these big black fellas rushed us and beat me senseless. I mean, how would I know it was his grave? All I saw was that there wasn't a lifeguard or anything, and the water was so blue and attractive. I still don't know why they got that upset? Next time I'm taking the MARTA train, that'll be much safer."

(* Note, as Mr. Howard did not actually visit the MLK museum, we do admit to taking artistic licence in this article. Sorry about that.)

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