Superbowl Power Outage Drama

(ACPA-New Orleans) There was drama in the Pecorry household in New Orleans when grandma Pecorry's priceless superbowl was broken by a bunch of drunken sports fan when the power went out.

 Camila Parker Bowles, the English Superbowler Grandma Pecorry crafted the 6 foot wide, 2 foot deep bowl on a large pottery wheel to commemorate the birth of her fourth grandson in 1967. Every year since then, on the first Sunday in February, the bowl is filled with gumbo and all the neighbors are invited over for a superbowl party.

Unfortunately, some of the partygoers this year insisted on watching some sports silliness on TV and of course they got a bit excited. This led to some dumb antics, the power was tripped, someone slipped on spilled beer, and then smashed into the priceless bowl.

Mayhem ensued as gumbo and cheap beer poured across the polished wooden floors like lava from a 1950's volcano movie. "Allez vous faire **&&#," screamed old mother Pecorry in Cajun French at the ashen faced louts.

The bowl was considered beyond repair and will be ceremoniously thrown out on Wednesday, garbage day. Bobby Jindal, a long time friend of Grandma Pecorry, expressed his condolences to the family on their superbowl disaster. "It must be awful for them to have their superbowl ruined, I can't imagine, the carelessness and incompetence," he said. Beyonce had no comment which is not a surprise really given that she does not know anyone concerned with these events.

"We were just hoping really that she might stop by and offer condolences," said grandson Ronald Pecorry. "Any chance, maybe a few minutes? No? Oh well then suit herself. It's not like I fantasize about her and those amazing legs, day and night or anything."

The End.

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