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Police act to stop riots over danish cartoons

For immediate release: Cartoon Crisis Averted?

(ACPA-Copenhagen) Police in Europe made a series of pre-emptive raids in a bid to prevent a new danish cartoon crisis. Armed Response Officers rushed the HQ of the monthly magazine "Delicatessen Treats" and arrested two cartoonists and a copywriter who were preparing to publish a new set of satirical cartoons.

 shocking real image of a danish. Taken in Stockholm, found on wikipedia, gfdl licence. A police spokesman said that they had been "observing the individuals for some time," and decided to intervene now to stop a new round of rioting over "danish cartoons likely to cause grave offense."

Bakers rioted world-wide last year in furious reaction to danish cartoons which had mocked the world's most favorite confectionery. That series of cartoons depicted the snack-time treat in an offensive and degrading manner.

One of them depicted an evil looking man with a caption saying, "I'd kill for a danish right now." Another says, "Profit-you crazy bloke! You can't make danish with egg yolk."

The most offensive of the lot shows an old man trying to hold back an angry mob with the phrase, "Stop, Stop, we have run out of danishes," a fact that every self-respecting confectioner knows would never happen.

The three arrested will be charged with failure to self-censor. However espionage charges may follow as there are claims that the cartoons are an American plot to push a pro-donuts agenda.

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