Will English Housewives like S&M ?

For immediate release: Retail Chain?

(ACPA-Oxford) British retail circles are abuzz with rumors that Marks and Spencer, known as M&S to the public, is preparing to announce a name change later this week. The move is part of an effort to combat lackluster sales in Britain's oldest and most respected retail chain.

Retail Troubles ,licensed under  creative commons 2.5 licence However, analysts expect uproar across the UK if confirmation comes that the new name is going to be Spencer and Marks. A spokeswoman for the retail giant stated that, "Radical change is needed and we believe the British public will respond positively after they try S&M."

But frustrated housewives across England quickly complained that while some S&M would be appealing, they didn't think they would like it all the time. "Sure I don't mind giving it a try," said Harriet L. a Swindon housewife, "but I think I would still prefer it the old fashioned way."

Glynnis D. from Coventry stated she almost gagged when her husband came home from the factory and told her to get ready for some S&M this weekend.

The Spencer and Marks Spokeswoman said the change was planned after they had noticed several customers would shop once and never return. In an upbeat note she stated, "We expect S&M will increase customer satisfaction."

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