New "Girls Gone Wild" DVD

For immediate release: "The Revenge Series"

(ACPA-Los Angeles) Wow, it's here and it's hot - the latest DVD in the "Girls Gone Wild" series from hit-producer Joe Francis!

A pre-DVD  wildgirl, yes this was once a scandalous painting from Francis made millions with his College Spring Break DVDs, taking advantage of fun loving young women on tape while they enjoy their dream beach vacations.

But what a guy - despite ongoing imprisonment in State after State on multiple charges including exploiting underage women and tax evasion, the DVD magic continues.

This latest erotic adventure catches up with some of these girls, now in their early twenties. Hot as ever, they sit around drinking champagne and are caught on film going totally wild every time some new legal disaster befalls the multi millionaire one-time playboy.

With each dramatic report of new arrests and additional criminal indictments, these out of control girls jump around flashing a suggestive thumbs-up, right in front of the camera. Their outrageous behavior degenerates further with excited cheering and risque girl on girl high-fiving, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding of viewers.

Available for $19.99, but if you purchase in the next twenty minutes, you will also get a free copy of the hot hit, "Former Sorority Sweethearts Litigate with Their New Law Degrees". Must be over 21 to order.

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