(In response to dubious SF Chronicle editorial praising California's governor)

                          Arnold: Matinee Strongman

                                by Robert S. Becker

                                If Arnold's a "sword-wielding strongman,"
                                Who "holds his ground" against Dems,
                                We're out of the fire and into the pan,
                                He pals around only with rich friends.

                                So, here's the moderate in the GOP,
                                A "tough guy" resembling an adult?
                                Just try to raise taxes a penny,
                                And he terminates into a dolt.

                                "I defy new taxes on my watch,"
                                He bellows from his hulking Hummer,
                                "I've got plenty of cigars and scotch,
                                You think I'm Joe the Plumber?"

                                "Cash on hand, assets out of view,
                                So I don't face bankruptcy
                                Or issuing even one IOU,
                                Let those sans cake face usury."

                                "I can wait out any wiseacre,
                                Smoking stokies in my spa,
                                I'm the bipartisan peacemaker -
                                I' ll be back," just like the cinema.

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