Sanford of South Carolina:                           Passion's Fool

                                by Robert S. Becker

                                This Don Juan crossed an ultimate line,
                                He turned adultery into love sublime;
                                His curious defense leaves us at sea -
                                Never quitting obeys divine destiny?

                                Who else counts, not long suffering wife?
                                She ran his campaign, alas, not love life;
                                Did her pious hosannas spark his fall
                                And steamy sex with journalist Chapur?

                                For the record, few political ambitions
                                Cut short his missionary positions,
                                Nor parental role to four young boys,
                                Nor guilt submerged in forbidden joys.

                                America listened but did not hear
                                Whether Sanford really was sincere;
                                He begged our pardon: he was in love,
                                "I rise above the mere adulterer."

                                Do confessions unearth the mystery?
                                Does being in love excuse adultery?
                                Does status as state election winner
                                Release him from damnation as sinner?

                                Do the fallen decide what's fornication
                                On their blissful Argentine vacation?
                                Fools whose family values go askew
                                Don't get to lecture others what's taboo.

                                Okay, so you found your fleshly soul mate
                                By violating Biblical mandate.
                                Doesn't loyalty to lawful wedded wife
                                Earn that magic ticket for eternal life?

                                And if a love affair isn't bad enough,
                                You reference King David in the buff,
                                To argue adultery is somehow okay -
                                You got yours - so come what, come may?

                                When does treachery qualify as misrule?
                                A lying governor is most uncool.
                                You're still in office, despite your balling,
                                Confirming perfidy is your higher calling.

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