Bush Endorses John McLiberal

For immediate release: Lame Duck Quacks at White House

(ACPA-Washington) In a moving speech, President Bush today endorsed John McLiberal as his successor in 2009. Despite his worsening limp, the lame duck President showed lots of energy in his first outing since being locked up in the White House basement at the beginning of primary season. "It is especially pleasurable for me to endorse John because in doing so it brings back happy memories of the glory days when I thrashed him in the primaries 8 years ago."

The Man who would be King photo from www.thanksforthemusic.com "Myself and Karl had a lot of good laughs over that and I must thank John for giving me the opportunity to be reminded of better times."

Bush also went on to say that the American people can be confident that McLiberal will continue the "honorable Presidential tradition" of going to war against other countries.

"We can never be truly confident a Democratic President will declare a war," noting that while Bill Clinton bombed a few countries, he "never really put his heart into it, unlike me and my father and Mr. Reagan before us."

Bush predicted that McLiberal will find reasons to attack "at least 2 other countries during his administration." "Iran will be one I suppose," he noted ruefully, in a nod of regret at a lost opportunity to seal his own legacy.

However the bonhomie started to fade somewhat when Bush pointed out that both he and Mcliberal were pilots in the Vietnam war. "When you're in an airplane, it does not really matter if you are flying over the Texas Delta or the Mekong Delta," said Bush adding "Air is air you know."

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