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Security Council Surprise As Russians Veto Sanctions Against Russia

(ACPA-New York) In a surprise move, Russia used its position on the UN Security Council to veto proposed sanctions on Russia. The measures were discussed in detail Saturday at the Security Council but no amount of flowery rhetoric from American and French diplomats could persuade the obstinate Russians to support sanctions on themselves.

 Photo by VOA from Wikipedia, USA public domain "This really makes the Security Council look bad," said Roger Johnson, an American official at the UN. "If the Security Council can't unite on an issue as serious as the Crimean problem, then the public might start to view the UN as an ineffective organization. We are going to have to write a much more toughly worded memorandum if progress is to be made."

"We reject the criticism," said Sergio Radostavsky, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations. "We considered the sanctions proposal very carefully but upon reflection we believe this level of intervention by the UN is not warranted. The governments in question should be allowed to work through the issues at local level. Foreign involvement is not needed at this time and no, the fact that we too are Russians has nothing to do with this decision."

As Russian soldiers lined up to vote, officials in Crimea have said that it will be at least one week before the official result of a secession referendum is known. "It will take a few days before we agree on what margin of victory to declare. Some of us think ninety five percent is the correct number, others are proposing seventy percent," said one official at a press conference.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in the United States were surprised that so many Americans seem to support the Russian position. In a phone survey, a plurality of voters agreed with the question: "I support the war on Crimea." "Oh yes, I am very concerned," said Mabel Vernon from Virginia, "and I support the war on drugs too."

Down in Texas, Governor Rick Perry was said to be tracking the controversial ballot carefully. "Oh yes, I'm watching with great interest to see how Washington reacts to a secession referendum," he said.

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