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Poor Rapport - Musing On That Colbert Ching Chong Tweet

(ACPA-Charleston) Chinese people everywhere are incensed at Stephen Colbert's scandalous 'Ching-Chong Ding-Dong' tweet. Well, maybe not actual Chinese people, you know, the ones in China - they're not incensed because they're not allowed to use Twitter.

	copywright image , fair use And if truth be told, and not trying to be too picky here, but Chinese people who don't live in China and who can't speak English, they're not incensed either because they don't understand the tweet. Like the elderly parents of those Chinese people down the street from you. Not incensed, not bothered one bit.

But exceptions aside, there are lots of Chinese people somewhere who are incensed. Right? Wrong. Chinese people are too smart and they work too hard to care about trivial non-news events.

But some people somewhere are incensed, mainly Colbert's conservative rivals who want to tip him from his spot as America's leading conservative voice. They smell blood and have him on the defensive. A few shocked liberals are also seething. He has a lot of whitesplaining to do.

Let's face the hard truth: Colbert is a terrible human being and he's had this coming for a long time. Even his friends describe him as "a deeply self-centered caustic right-wing bully," and an "arch-conservative blowhard who takes everything personally." He has a strong distaste for facts, is addicted to pain killers and has an irrational fear of bears. Yes, bears.

Then there's his known history of racism. When Indian American Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, Colbert unforgivably took the side of the racist tweeters who attacked her. I could go on, but I won't.

Anyway, the takeaway from all this, or perhaps the Chinese takeaway from all this, is that you shouldn't order General Tso chicken every time you go to Chin Chin. Otherwise, you just might be a racist.

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