Automatic Speeding Ticket Software

For immediate release: UK Drivers Will Love the New Convenience

(ACPA-Swansea) UK Motorists are expressing delight with the latest software about to be rolled out in 2009 models. The code will track the car's speed and when the driver exceeds the limit by more than ten miles per hour, a Bluetooth connection to the cellular network will be initiated. After ten consecutive seconds above the limit, the offending speed will be uploaded to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and a speeding fine will be sent automatically to the driver's home.

getting a ticket the old fashioned way-photo by Jeff Dean Motorist Ken Duncan summed up the feelings of many when he told Driving Times Magazine, "You know these days with everyone so busy this is really a matter of convenience, you don't have to stop at the side of the road and waste time looking for your license or answering questions from the cops. Not even a summons or any of that hassle."

Automatic speed-ticketing software is seen as a further development in a series of technical advances that have made life easier for English drivers. A pattern that started with red light cameras, then adapted to speed cameras that sent you tickets in the mail, now reaches its pinnacle with this latest technical development.

UK DVLA A spokesman for the DVLA stated that, "This new development is really about improving customer service, we know many people were fed up with being stopped by the cops for speeding. The automatic phone call wont result in any charges on your phone bill either. That little extra shows how much we care." explained the official.

Its expected that London's former Lord Mayor Ken Livingston, much loved for bringing in city center congestion charges, will drive the first car with the new software. Livingston noted that, "This new system may be all about making life easier for the motorist, but as a car is driven faster there is an exponential increase in the amount of pollution output. So these automatic tickets target the individual polluter, just as my congestion charges got those selfish drivers who wouldn't share their cars with others."

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