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"Stock Exchange Secrets" contains an astounding investment breakthrough strategy from investor Ronald Pecorry. "It's an easy to understand, unbeatable approach to everyday investing," explained Pecorry. "The secret lies in my patented "Buy-Low, Sell-High" strategy.

The book clearly demonstrates that if you buy a stock at a particular price (bid price) and then later sell it for a higher price (yield price), a profit will be made on every transaction. Not just some...but every transaction!!

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"I'm pretty skeptical about money making schemes, and this one sounded very technical at first, but I tried it. "Buy-Low, Sell-High" really works," said Marty Warren, who claims to have made millions once he started using the system.

 US Govt publicdomain image But don't just believe the commercials, see what New York Times economics contributor Paul Krugmann said in a recent article. "I analyzed 6000 trades made over a 12 month interval and I noticed that every time a trade was made where the yield was higher than the bid, a profit followed. I don't know why people have not been trading like this before. I'm quitting Harvard to do it full time."

Pecorry, who hopes his new method will help millions of Americans recover some of the money they lost in the economic downturn, says the product comes with a gold plated guarantee. "I'm so sure my system works that if you buy my book and lose money using the "Buy-Low, Sell-High" strategy, then I will cover your losses. And you can take that to the Bank!"

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