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Trump Demands To See Bin Laden Death Certificate

For Immediate Release: The Donald? - Trumped!

(ACPA-New York) Property mogul, egotistical maniac and one-time republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has demanded President Obama produce a copy of Osama Bin Laden's death certificate.

Putting his bravest face forward, Trump released a statement saying he "will not let go of the issue," even if it makes him look a conceited, ignorant, right-wing dumbass.

However, Trump, whose aspirations for the White House expired shortly after Bin Laden received a bullet in the head, is said to be suffering from a "deflated ego" and in hiding from the media now that he knows Obama really has lived in South Chicago.

Meanwhile, the publicity-seeking property mogul may have more to be concerned about than certificates and the size of his eyebrows. In a statement President Obama noted, "Mr. Trump should know that we have been observing several of his homes for weeks, and we are close to figuring out which one he lives in. Once we do that, well, you know what comes next."

Over in Washington DC, the commander in chief's wife, Michelle Obama, is reported to have an extra spring in her step and a coy smile on her face this morning. Mission accomplished, Barry, mission accomplished.

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