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                     An L. A. Dogs' Lament

                            by A. Canis

                            They want to come and neuter us,
                            Cut testicles or uterus.
                            They say it will reduce the fights,
                            But what about our basic rights
                            To be ourselves as we were born
                            Without our bodies ripped and torn,
                            Since we did not commit a crime--
                            We've never littered, not one time.
                            Our owners are responsible
                            And find it reprehensible
                            That they are punished anyway
                            With massive fees that they must pay
                            To keep us safe and still intact
                            Despite the overriding fact
                            That other owners' carelessness
                            Has caused the population mess.
                            So charge the fees to them instead,
                            A fine for puppies by the head;
                            Then selling puppies will not be
                            A profit-making industry.
                            So scour ads and internet
                            And help allay the shelter debt
                            While filling owners with regret,
                            So they won't sell another pet.
                            And then the problem will be solved
                            With good pet owners now absolved
                            And good dogs spared the surgery
                            And left as we were meant to be.

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