July 2007 Applause for India's first female President

(ACPA-Atlanta) The India-desk of the Center for Policy Analysis, today applauds the swearing in of India's first female President. Pratibha Patil, 72, has been in Indian national and state politics since 1963, after a short career as a lawyer. Although Indian women are stunningly beautiful, their treatment within India leaves a lot to be desired, so this election is seen as a progressive step forward by the Center.

Jaipur India! "We hope that this election will help highlight some of the issues facing Indian women, from sexual harassment in public and work places, female infant abandonment and a demeaning dowry system," said Ronald Pecorry, Center Director.

Although largely a ceremonial position, she is, in common with President Bush, commander in chief of the armed forces. Americans meanwhile are looking forward to their first female commander in Chief next year (getting carried away there a bit, Ron? Editor).

Taj Mahal, IndiaCampaigning on a platform of hope and social change, Patil was also careful to reassure male segments of the electorate that she will still be able to manage the household despite having a job. She will continue to rush home from her role as national leader, to make "rotis, naan bread and tasty lentil curries for her husband," and will "wear nice saris" during her Presidency .

Pecorry, a fan of that part of the World, added that a field trip to India might be necessary to measure progress (I don't think so,Ron. Your Boss).

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