Patriot Act Amendment

For Immediate release: Patriot Act to be Widened

(ACPA-Atlanta) The Centre for Policy Analysis today expressed reservations about a new proposal under the immigration reform bill to extend the provisions of the Patriot Act to cover Immigrants who become US Citizens.

The current Patriot act allows the government to suspend the constitutional rights of US citizens whenever the FBI need to investigate a possible crime that may or may not have happened yet. However it had an unintended loophole - it could only be applied to US born citizens and not to citizens who immigrated and later became US citizens.

Legal Loophole

Because US citizenship is granted at birth under the 14th amendment of the Constitution, immigrants who became citizens could claim that they were not subject to the amendment and, unlike regular citizens, they could not have their Constitutional Rights eliminated under the Patriot Act.

A test case was being pursued by Youssf Iyooll, a Yemeni native turned citizen, who was being held in a South Carolina Brig in non-combatant status. The authorities realizing the impending legal embarrassment dropped charges against him and replaced them with regular criminal charges, basically the quaint old fashioned way, whereby US Citizens were allowed trial by Jury and the right to present evidence in their own favor.

An Appaling Vista

The appalling vista of the Executive Branch having to grant constitutional rights to a detainee, will be fixed by the proposed amendment, which is expected to easily pass in both houses. The FBI will then be free to take away everyone's rights as needed. "We will only take away your rights when we really have to." said and FBI spokesman. "So as long as you follow the rules, you should be fine, this is not Big Brother you know."

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