Microsoft iPod® Challenger to Hit Stores

For immediate release: Idiot Alert

(ACPA-Seattle) Microsoft is set to launch its first "really cool" product in a direct play for a share of the device market dominated by bitter rival Apple. The new iDiot® is expected to provide a "much needed alternative personal entertainment device" and break the giant Seattle based corporation into the challenging world of electronic consumer gadgets.

Seattle publicdomain by Rattlhed from wikimedia The iDiot® is a very simple to use gaming device, featuring a button on the front and a small light. A push of the button sets the light red and a second push sets it to green. The process can then be repeated iteratively by the user. Although considered by some to be the first intuitive product from the PC-Giant, a 40 page manual is included and first time users are recommended to study it closely.

Director of New Product Innovation, Frank Turpin, told Wired magazine that, "the great strength of the product is that it rarely crashes," adding, "anyway it reboots within minutes." Turpin added that it should also be very popular with people who have an interest in traffic lights. He seemed briefly caught off guard when a reporter asked, "Shouldn't it have an orange light then?" However, quickly recovering his composure Turpin noted, "We think our customers will overlook that given the stability of the software and lack of error messages."

Based on the success of its previous products, Microsoft believes they are assured of many iDiot® customers.

The product, which looks remarkably similar to an iPod®, (without the complex functionality), will be launched next month and is the first new product launch for Microsoft since Bill Gates was fired for his part in the Vista fiasco.

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