Animals Rights Concerns over Iraq War Homeless Vets

(ACPA-Iowa) Advocacy groups for the homeless are blaming the Iraq War for an alarming surge in the number of homeless Vets on the streets of America. A recent study showed a one hundred fold increase in the number of Vets turning up at shelters and soup kitchens in need of assistance.

photo by Eric Pouhier , creative commons sharlealike  2.5 licence, from wikimedia The report claims that the war in Iraq has created fear over oil supplies and driven a huge demand for corn-based ethanol. With vast amounts of farmland being converted from animal use to growing the biofuel-crop, the demand for Vets has plummeted, sending many of them to the streets.

Vets who signed up expecting a lifetime of honor and respect have had a rude awakening. Homeless Vet Carter Stonewright jr. told "Vets Today" Magazine that, "At first I thought I was joining a noble profession but as soon as they were done with me I was tossed aside. Big-Ethanol is behind it all if you ask me."

Another former Vet Jonathon Haugthon said, "I used to go from house to house in the middle of the night dealing with emergencies in often hazardous unlit conditions, risking my safety...and for what? A pat of the back and a thank-you for my service as they slammed the barn gate shut."

Homeless Vietnam Vets joined the chorus of criticism saying that nothing has changed over the decades for Vets, despite the promises of politicians. Many spoke of running around the jungle fixing Raptors and Black hawks, while all the time worrying that gorillas would attack. "We used to call them the Viet-Kong," said one Vet.

Veterinary colleges are also seeing a sharp drop in recruitment and some are offering free college tuition for freshmen.

But as one Vet put it, "Things are bad for me, but I have some hope, I wish I could say the same for the homeless Veterans."

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