Lou Dobbs Center welcomes Immigration Wall Proposal

For Immediate release: Immigration wall to double as War Memorial

(ACPA-Atlanta) Anti-Immigration Activists have welcomed an amendment to the proposed Immigration Reform Bill which would authorize the use of the Immigration Wall as a War Memorial.

"With all the wars we keep fighting, it's inevitable that we will run out of space in Washington DC for future memorials," explained one researcher at the Dobbs Center for the Study of the Disastrous Affects of Immigration on Ordinary Decent Americans. He continued that, "this inspired proposal to allow the new Wall to double as a memorial will have tremendous long term space-saving benefits and this wll help win many more supporters for the wall building project."

vietnam War Memorial-Pulic Domain photo "We can add the names of the 10,000 Servicemen and Women who have died in Iraq (estimate when wall is complete -Editor) and the 200,000 dead Iraqi civilians too, if we have sufficient budget remaining."

"There will still be lots of space left for all our future wars," added the researcher.

The Dobbs Center also welcomed another proposal to carve the names on the Mexican side thus creating lots of jobs for Mexicans. "Hey that's better than exploiting them here as gardeners," noted the researcher, somewhat defensively. Meanwhile millions of young American men heaved a collective groan at the prospects of having to push a lawnmower.

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