Wailing Wall to Cease Wailing

For Immediate Release:New Jerusalem Crisis

(ACPA-TelAviv) Researchers in the Middle-East have issued a troubling report that the Wailing Wall will cease wailing to protest the continued troubles in that part of the world.

In an exclusive interview with a scientist studying the long term usage of LSD, the Wailing Wall stated, "I'm going to mark 60 years of endless violence by going silent, I'm just sick of the death and destruction here."

An upset looking Western Wall (Public Domain Photo) The stunned researcher immediately tried to inform the Israeli authorities, but they were overwhelmed following the discovery that Snapple Fruit Punch is not kosher! (It's true!-Editor).

The expert tried to get some help from locals, but their response was pretty much consistent - between the Mosques sounding off 5-times a day and the endless wailing of the Jewish wall, a bit of peace and quiet seems to be welcomed by everyone.

Airlines issued an advisory to passengers with Middle East travel plans to consider changing their itineraries until the crisis passes.

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