Will Cuil's Nosense Defeat Google's Adsense ?

For immediate release: Very Cuil Product!

(ACPA-Silicon Valley) In its ongoing effort to overturn Google's web dominance, Internet start up Cuil is set to launch it's first advertising product.

Irelands BenBulben by john sullivan at pdphoto.org which has a no-sensical relation to this article In an effort to win over disaffected Google adsense customers, Nosense is set, "to do for pay-per-click advertising what Cuil has already done for search."

Unlike adsense, which "automatically crawls the content of pages and delivers ads that are relevant," webmasters who sign up for Nosense will get ads on their site that are completely irrelevant to the material on the page. Experts expect that confused visitors will then click these ads to figure out why the hell the ad is there, generating vast revenues for Cuil and its customers.

Industry insiders believe Nosense is a logical development to google ads which, according to Google, are "so well-matched, in fact, that readers will actually find them useful, once they recover from the shock of how well matched they are."

"Useful," said one webmaster , "that's just code for boring. It's so 1.0 really. I'm looking for alternatives and Cuil is the one!"

Meanwhile Cuil CEO, Patrick O'Shaugnessey-Murphy, who used to poach trout in Ireland's Boyne river, before exchanging his fishing net for the Internet, revealed that other products are in the pipeline including, "Begorrah!" which will be similar to Google's "I'm feeling lucky" function and "Yaboyo" which will compete againstYahoo..

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