Swedish Cartoon Crisis

For Immediate release: Swedish Cartoonist Bounty Alert

(ACPA-Stockholm) Swedish Cartoonist, Lars Vilks, woke up Saturday morning to discover a large Bounty had been placed on his head.

Vilks, whose cartoons make fun of excessive profits, had recently run a series in a Swedish Daily, mocking the Mars Corporation.

Stockholm GNU 1.2 licence from wikimedia The military wing of the confectionary maker, apparently fed up with the insults, tracked him to his Stockholm apartment. On Friday night, or possibly during the day, its hard to tell with the endless darkness, members of the group broke into his apartment. While Vilks slept, the Bounty was placed on his left temple.

Vilks told the Swedish police that despite the attack he would not be deterred from his work, adding that the Bounty of coconut flakes covered in chocolate, made a nice snack with his morning coffee.

found on a google search , fair use asserted, found on candyaddict web site Police apologized for their initial reports that the bar was dark chocolate, admitting that profiling was a ongoing problem in their Stockholm units.

Lars Vilks, who plans to return to work right away, says he is thinking of running a series of Formula-One cartoons noting that, "a bit of race-baiting could be very good for my career."

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