Palin Refuses to Quit Quitting: Says That Would Make Her a Quitter

By Ross Rosenfeld

(ACPA-Washington, DC) Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin twittered earlier today that she refuses to "quit quitting, no matter how much the liberal media wants me to." She also announced that she had quit granting "quitting interviews" to journalists "who are trying to turn this into an issue about quitting. My position is that it's about standing up by stepping down."

Many have criticized Palin for her abrupt departure from the Alaskan political scene, but she's brushed these criticisms aside. "We have problems in this country mostly from the Democrat party and the economy of this country's defense against the terrorists who are causing us to feel unsafe and taxes."

Don't Give Up On Us Baby

 by Bruce Tuten This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License. wikipedia

In an interview with intellectual cousin Sean Hannity last week, she stated: "My daddy always told me that you have to do what you think is right and not give-up. That's why I'm quitting, Sean." To which Hannity replied, "That's right, Governor - don't give-up giving-up, no matter what the liberals say."

RNC Chairman Michael Steele hopes Palin will make another national run, sort of. "I would certainly like to see her run for President," Steele said. "Of course, we have many qualified candidates, including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty. Or Bobby Jindal, maybe. Or Rush. Rush would be great. Can't forget him. Or anyone I might've forgotten. I apologize in advance if I did. And I'll apologize again, if need be. Sorry. If I forgot you. Sorry. I'm on your side. Take care. Sorry."

Rush Limbaugh had a unique take as well. "If Palin's a quitter, then certainly Obama is as well," he said. "Didn't he used to be a senator from Illinois, or did everyone forget that?"

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