Senator Craig Biography - Author admits Gay Character

For Immediate release: Closeted Book Character

(ACPA-Fort Bender, Idaho) J.K. Rowling caused a sensation when she revealed Professor Dumbledore was gay. But now, Jay Bates, author of a recently published biography of troubled US Senator Larry Craig, has caused a huge storm of speculation after revealing one of the main characters in his book is Gay.

The biography, "Its takes a Village People to raise a Senator," was initially panned by critics and experienced low sales.

Another Gay Character? We think this is a US-law fair use of this low-res image, let us know if it is not However, since the revelation, copies of the book are being snatched up nationwide, as pundits try to identify the gay character.

The book covers the Senators recent political career, starting from the time he came out as a champion of family values with his legendary condemnations of Bill Clinton.

It details his early gay positions and how they developed over the years, as he flew from city to city, eventually becoming a leading anti-gay campaigner.

Family Values

Author Bates, who clocked up a million air miles shadowing the Senator over a 2 year period, admits clues have been inserted into passages concerning a certain "high profile" character in the book. Pundits, hoping to out the closeted character, are chomping at the bit as they dissect the numerous anecdotes of Craig and his encounters with political and civic leaders nationwide.

The book ends shortly after the, "there was toilet tissue stuck on my shoe so I had to reach down and scrape it off" incident.

Bates has said that if sales continue he will be able to quit his day job as an airport security guard and take writing classes.