Thatcher a Suspect in Disappereance Case!

For Immediate release: Thatcher for Trial?

(ACPA-London) Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has been named as a formal suspect in one of Britain's most high profile disappearance cases. Despite 300 months of searching, there is still no sign of Britain's lost manufacturing base and recently uncovered evidence points a finger at Thatcher.

Mrs Tatcher meets PM Gordon Brown The story was broken by Journalist Carey Hunt of The Mardale Times after he learned that British Special Branch officers uncovered traces of a vibrant economy in the trunk of a ministerial Jaguar used by her during her reign in the 1980's.

Thatcher had been put in charge of the economy in 1979 and all seemed to be going smoothly until a few short months later. Then suddenly, national assets were sold back to the public in numerous share scams, public spending was confined to the London area and Scotland was Poll-Taxed, as a punishment for voting for the Labor Party. It was during this time that the manufacturing base disappeared.

Thatcher, shown here with current PM Gordon Brown, remains unrepentant and plans to use her long-standing defense of whining and surrounding herself with spineless sycophants who will do very nicely out of the whole sorry debacle.

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