Atlanta Man sees new episode of Law and Order

For Immediate release: TV Series Surprise

(ACPA-Atlanta) Sleepy North Atlanta Suburbs are buzzing with the news that a local man recently saw a new episode of Law and Order.

Tom French, told local free sheet, "The Duluth Reporter" about the incident which occurred on Halloween Night. "I had just put the kids to bed after a tiring evening of trick-or-treating when I switched on in the middle of an episode of Law and Order."

by Raven Underwood Elizabeth rohm photo This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License A breathless Tom, enjoying his local celebrity status continued, "The pretty blonde prosecutor, I don't remember her name but she is great to look at, well she was cross examining someone in the Grand Jury. All was going well until the perp started saying that she 'had a stroke' and had 'problems with her hand'. So of course there was no way she could have swung the knife, let alone dispose of it in the garbage wrapped in a newspaper-right?"

"It was then that I suddenly realised - I hadn't seen this episode before. I was in shock really, I couldn't believe it. At first I thought I might be having a sugar burst from all the candy I had been eating when the kids weren't looking, but there is no doubt - even though it was a 2001 episode, I definitely had not seen it before."

An American tradition

It's a tradition across suburbs nationwide to watch episode after episode of Law and Order, over and over again. One of the few pleasure left in life for parents with 2.2 kids, a dog and an SUV, is to flop in a chair to watch Benson, Stabler and President Fred till the brain is completely fried. The last thing anyone wants at this time is for an original thought to disturb the numbness.

But equilibrium was soon restored when Tom switched over to Channel 105 for an episode of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit. This 2003 episode about the Doctor who wants to fertilize teenage girls, was being aired for the 14th time. Tom and his wife were soon back on even keel in a satisfying suburban stupor.

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