Lunatic invades Kucinich New Hampshire Office

For Immediate release: Drama at Kucinich Campaign Office

(ACPA-Concord) A deranged man briefly caused panic in a crowded Dennis Kucinich campaign office in New Hampshire over the weekend. The lunatic rushed into the crowded street-front office where he started making crazy talk about believing in UFO's, universal healthcare and other nonsense.

Photofit of man who invaded Campaign

	  Office ---public domain by diz28 from The disturbed man then hacked into the email account of candidate Kucinich, before shouting, "Must rush I have an appearance to make at 3." He promptly disappeared into the street.

At that point shaken staff members climbed out from behind their desks and called the police. However the lunatic was nowhere to be found.

Small Stature - Big Ideas

The man is described as about 4 feet tall, having dour skin and possessing several crazy political ideas. A Local Police Spokesman said that the man may have an interest in gardening based on his repeated murmurings of "I'm Peach Bush, I'm Peach Bush." The possibility that he is armed has not been ruled out by police who say he has the characteristics of someone likely to be a longshot.

Police are also fearful that that his crazy notions are typical of those with delusion of grandeur and warned the voting public to stay away from him in case his ideas are infectious.

A shaken Kucinich who coincidentally was in New Hampshire at the time, said he had been briefly in the same Campaign office that day. He felt "very lucky" that he had left before the incident occurred.

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