Dunkin Donuts Diet Food

For immediate release: New "Donut Hole" fills gap in Diet food market.

(ACPA-Atlanta) For years, Dunkin Donuts met the demands of the discerning American palate with their sugary round treats. But that all changed when a donut research genius came up with the idea of selling Donut Dots, that tasty little bit left over when you cut a hole in the donut.

 Dunkin Donuts ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:America_is_dunking.JPG GNU FDL The Donut Industry was revolutionized and the public could not get enough of this innovative new product. Incredibly, the Boffins have done it again and Dunkin Donuts is set to launch it's third line of donut products - the new Donut Hole.

Aimed at customers who want lower calorie treats, the Donut Hole is the bit left over when the dot is cut out and the main donut is eaten.

Taste Without Calories

Unlike other tasteless zero calorie food, such as diet coke and fat-free yogurt, initial tests indicated that the taste is pleasing and the only side effect is a slight excess burping if the holes are swallowed too fast. But, by simply slowing down and taking it easy with a cup of coffee, that problem is typically eliminated.

Analysts predict this new ultra low-calorie fat-free product will revolutionize the diet food market as companies race to find similar products.

Initially, it will be launched in regular and cinnamon flavors, but if the product takes off the line will be expanded.

Already rumored to be up for a "Product Innovation of the Year" award, the Donut Hole will start at 99 cents per hole, with a "buy one get one free" special introductory offer for the first month.

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