Obama's Daring Cabinet Choice

For immediate release: Praise for a Clear Choice

(ACPA-Washington) At a Washington press conference President-Elect Obama announced a surprise choice for Cabinet that quickly earned him praise for his clarity of choice. Obama told assembled reporters that his "transition team had made an extensive search across the country for the most suitable candidate" with "shape and style" as the most important characteristics.

by quadell on wikipedia, GNU licence By rejecting a classic American Oak armoire in favor of glass, Obama won over critics with the transparency of his decision. Reporters also took the openness of the President-Elect's choice as indicative of his promised policy of change towards entrenched cabinet values.

Hoping to avoid the controversy that plagued Bill Clinton after then first-lady Hilary tried to influence Presidential decisions, Obama insisted that "Michelle played no part in the choice". A clearly unhappy Mrs. Obama was overhead sighing, "That's pretty obvious Barack".

Polls show that most American's approve of the President-Elect's cabinet choice. International reaction was somewhat muted with many having hoped that he would pick a classic Italian renaissance piece. However with most of the world still reeling from the shock of a distasteful Georgian cabinet, complaints were generally low-key.

The choice of cabinet is probably one of the most significant choices that any President has to make and as the first Harvard Educated Law Professor to become President, Obama is under intense scrutiny to show good judgment. However most observers agree he has passed his first test with flying colors and that the Senate Confirmation hearing for the new Cabinet will be a formality!

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