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We are a figment of the imagination, a tingling on the sensory ganglia of the laughter nerve, just below thought. In short, the (ACPA). We spend a lot of time in different parts of the US, with Western Europe a second home, India third. That order can change at a minute's notice though.

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We publish political satire


We publish serious comment.

Its just like the name says - www.SatireandComment.com .

We believe the pen is mightier than the sword.


We were founded by Reginald Pecorry in 1849. From Ireland, Reginald, a well liked absentee landlord, never recovered from the loss of his potato stock, which was pillaged by hungry natives during the Potato Famine.

Dude its a POTATO plant so dont be getting ideas Initially, he headed to New York, later settling in New Orleans. He created the Center to publicize what he perceived as the cruel treatment of African Americans. After multiple attempts to lynch him, he changed his focus to other less controversial issues of the day such as the New Orleans Tea Society ordinances. He also became one of the first artistic critics of Blues music, then in its very early infancy.

Although he missed his potatoes, he did take to Gumbo and often attributed this to his long life- he was 104 when he passed away, a fit of extended laughter being the cause. The Editor today is Ronald Pecorry, who is the great grandson of Reginald. Ronald is dedicated to moving Satire & Comment back to it's early critical roots. Support comes from our full-time salaried employee Lara Grace Thibaud, who graciously works part time for free. She is based somewhere between imagination and our Amsterdam office.

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Hurricane Katrina and the Satire & Comment Think-Tank

We lost all our think-tanks, updated software and our Internet. We had recently upgraded from steel think-tanks to modern fiberglass tanks. Because of their light weight and portability, each researcher had their own individual tank, which was far more conducive to thinking than the old massive steel tanks.

This is a NASA photo and don't worry - FEMA can see it coming too When the Hurricane hit, we were very lucky that these tanks floated very well and our staff were able to float out of the building and get to safety.

However, homeless locals seized all the abandoned tanks for shelter as they waited for Federal Aid. It would not have mattered anyway as our headquarters building was destroyed in the flood.

Our extensive Internet was also devastated, getting entangled in multiple objects and finally being seized by some fisherman who used it to fish at Lake Pontchartrain. We did not have the heart to ask them to return it, as they seemed so hungry, what with the Federal Aid being held up. Our software was also completely soaked and never dried out properly.

Finally we would like to reiterate that we are the ACPA. Please do not confuse us with the ACPA.