Egypt hunts King Tut

For immediate release: Cairo's Most Wanted in Hiding

(ACPA-Cairo) In Egypt today, authorities released a photo-fit of one of its most wanted criminals. Described as a conman who uses the alias King Tut, he is accused of running a massive pyramid scheme that brought financial ruin to Egypt. He is now believed to be in hiding since the first images of his face were made public in early November.

Tsk Tsk for Tut . GNU free documentation license Although he has a reputation for being a, "wild and crazy guy", Police advised that Tut is not considered armed or dangerous. "He is a bit of a mummy's boy really," said Saaed Bhatif of the Cairo Police.

However, the public have been advised to wear ear plugs as he has ferociously bad language. "The curses of King Tut would redden the ears of a harlot," said Bhatif.

Relatives of Tut insisted to reporters that he is innocent and claimed it's all a stitch up. "Look the economy here is in mess and it needs more than a band-aid solution. The pyramid scheme allegation is just a sandstorm in a teapot."

But police insist the allegations are true and say they are all living in a state of denial.

Bhatif reiterated Tut is guilty and should be badly punished.

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