The Death of the Wall Street Trader

                            by Todd Outcalt

                            Initially his life defined
                            By milk and Oreos
                            Grew increasingly refined
                            By girls and stereos.
                            He grew an inch, he ran a mile,
                            Perpetual in motion,
                            And with each competing smile
                            Was offered a promotion.
                            His house was rave, his pool immense,
                            His family perfection,
                            His stocks and bonds grew by percents
                            And offered him protection.
                            But when the market crashed and burned
                            In 1929
                            He spurned the lessons he had learned
                            And mocked the warning sign.
                            Some say his loss was his demise
                            But others so allege
                            His fortune merely magnified
                            The distance from his ledge.

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