Heroic pilot manages to land plane on-time

For Immediate Release: Miracle in the Skies

(ACPA-Atlanta) Amazed, relieved, grateful. But more than anything, 153 passengers on Delta flight 1795 from New York's La Guardia to Atlanta were just overwhelmed to be on time.

delta lands on time by user -i'll never grow up-creative commons 2.0 licence, found on wikipedia, "What a pilot, I can't believe he did it," said Tim Carr, a passenger on the Boeing 757 which landed on runway 2 in Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson airport in a smooth, perfectly executed landing.

Most of the panic occurred when rain hit the plane at 35000 feet. However fearless pilot Peter "Jack" Jarocki flew around the approaching storm and continued on a steady south by southwest course, arriving on time 2 hours and 43 minutes after takeoff.

"I've been flying business for 15 years," said Ron Stroud, a sales manager with LG Electronics, "and I've never seen anything like it, it's just a pity my luggage got lost."

As shocked and relieved passengers stood in the aisle taking down carry-on baggage, reporters who had rushed the on-time aircraft jostled to get photos and quotes from passengers.

"I was so worried, I had a connection in Atlanta," said Jean Derschowitz, who was traveling to Miami for a Winter Break, "I was really afraid I might have to spend an evening in Georgia, but he did it, he landed on time."

With Facebook fan sites popping up, millions of American travelers are hailing the pilot as a hero of the skies. "How can I get this man on my flights?" implored Frank Sanders, CEO of a dot-com and a platinum air miles traveler.

But pilot Jarocki was low key about the whole affair, stating that he "just put it on auto pilot and adjusted the joystick every now and again following normal procedure."

Other pilots were not so gracious. "He's never been on time in 25 years," said one pilot, "it's only because he quit drinking last week that he was able to do it." Meanwhile, several Airlines struggled to do damage control. "I'll admit he's making us all look bad," said a representative from the Association of US Air Carriers.

With lucrative job offers coming in from rival Airlines, Capt. Jack is planning two weeks well-earned vacation away from the limelight to work on his upcoming book, "Against all odds, the Miracle of Flight 1795."

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