Rapists, Sex Offenders, Even Regular Perverts, March For Polanski

(ACPA-Paris) Hundreds of rapists, sex offenders, even ordinary everyday perverts took part in demonstrations across France and Switzerland in a show of support for recently arrested Hollywood director, Roman Polanski. The marches were organized by the French Society for the Advancement of Humanity and took place in Paris, Cannes and Zurich.

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Slogans such as 'Abolish the Age of Consent' and 'Support the real Victims' adorned placards and marchers demanded that the Swiss government release the celebrity filmmaker immediately.

Jacques Bois, a Parisian pervert, who likes to expose himself to schoolgirls at bus stops, told a reporter, "Roman has had a hard life, I mean, if my family died in Auschwitz I would definitely rape someone."

Another marcher, who refused to be identified for fear of reprisals, said that he was marching to make a statement about the unjust harassment of Polanski. "It's time to let bygones be bygones, he hasn't raped anyone for years."

Fr. Joseph Devine, an Irish priest accused of molesting a teenage boy at a religious seminar, said he had come out of hiding to take part in the Zurich march. "If they extradite him, next it's going to be religious persecution. I have to take a stand."

However, there were dissenting views among the marchers. One man acknowledged that raping a teenage boy was "totally disgusting, bastards should be castrated," but countered that "if it's a girl, it's not the same thing, everyone knows that."

A written message of support from imprisoned Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster was read out to the marchers. Luster, who drugged and raped several women before fleeing to Mexico where he was cornered by Dog the Bounty Hunter, wrote, "Roman, don't be afraid to be unconventional. Stay strong and help us set a new legal standard."

Meanwhile in Hollywood, a group of Pornographic Movie Directors have started a petition to have Polanski expelled from the Director's Guild of America. A spokesman for the group explained, "He's giving movie-makers everywhere a bad name."

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